Keeping your people and facilities/areas safe is paramount in today’s challenging world. Effective Access Control is the only way to ensure who enters or exits your building or department is monitored and controlled in a manner that protects your assets.

C.S.A. Asset Security covers Access control in 2 ways;

1.     Physical
2.     Technology



C.S.A. can have highly trained Access Control professionals running the physical checking of credentials and managing the enter/exit process. For example: we’ve been providing Access Control in major corporate buildings located in Collins Street, Melbourne, and Gate Access at major food processing plants across Australia.

Access Control roles could include;

1.    Concierge
2.    Facility or department verification
3.    Gate Control

The human dimension is extended to access to a Grade 1 control room monitoring service providing 24-Hour Alarm and CCTV monitoring services.



C.S.A.’s Building Automation Systems are on the cutting edge allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology covering, all types of scanners, fingerprints, credential, terminals, door lock controllers connected to resource tracking and more.

C.S.A. suggests a combination of physical and technical Access Control solutions. We can advise you on the optimal requirements once we have a detailed concept of the scenario you’re working with.

Let’s start the conversation, contact us today and we can resolve your security concerns.