C.S.A. Asset Security has an inspiring capability allowing you to maximise the configurations of specialised security services. We’re proud of the customised solutions we’ve been successfully able to provide for our corporate clients in the following key industries;

  • Automotive
  • Corporate Offices  
  • Food
  • Printing
  • Petrochemical
  • Trucking

In most cases our clients have multiple profit/production centres and enjoy a solid consistency of services that are flexibly configured for each application, delivering peace of mind and operational efficiencies.

Our team members are trained in areas up to and including;

  • Advanced administration
  • Breathalyzer
  • Concierge processes
  • Drug and Alcohol testing
  • Emergency evacuation
  • First responders in First Aid and Fire
  • Hazardous materials, handling and response to spills
  • Issuing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Up to Level 4 First Aid

C.S.A. Asset Security has compliance covered with the attainment of AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000 certification. And feature a range of management systems designed to cover off the key areas of compliance. These include;

  • Contract Management Overview (Meets ISO requirements)
  • Customer Service Management System
  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)
  • Industrial Relations and Human Resource (IR/HR) Management System (ISO 9001)
  • OH&S Management System (AS4801)
  • Risk Management System (AS 4360:2000)

When you deal with C.S.A. you’re talking with the guy that owns and runs the company, ensuring issues are resolved in a fast, responsive and meaningful manner. Decisions can also be made in a timely and efficient manner, giving you peace of mind and the time to get back to what you do best.

C.S.A. Asset Security delivers high level, customised security solutions, tied to effective outcomes, managed in a personal and effective manner.

To learn more about why more companies are making the switch to a C.S.A. Asset Security customised solution, or to discuss how we can configure a solution for your company contact us.