It’s a simple fact, you can’t physically be everywhere all the time, and that’s where CCTV or closed circuit television comes in. These ultra-flexible cameras can give you an accurate and continuous POV (point of view) of critical security areas.   

C.S.A. Asset Security suggests completing a well-rounded security solution with CCTV cameras is a must. Key advantages are;

1.    System can record all movements for later referral
2.    24/7 monitoring to a control room
3.    Optical Zoom function
4.    Pan function
5.    Smart phone, tablet or desk top compatibility
6.    Remote control from a control room
7.    Night vision
8.    See if there threat is real with a visual check via CCTV

The choice is massive and it can be confusing if you’re not across the technology, so  
C.S.A. can advise you of the most appropriate technology to use for your requirement, and how that might look as part of a complete customised solution.

Contact us and feel welcome to let us know what you’re trying to achieve in your corporate environment, so we can advise you on the best CCTV and Monitoring solution.