C.S.A. Asset Security has a strong heritage within the security industry. Over time C.S.A. have also demonstrated the capability to reinvent themselves to ensure relevancy to the demands of the evolving security industry. An integral part of their competitive advantage is the ability to provide creative and innovative resourcing solutions that translate to operational efficiencies, cost savings, and a smarter more productive workplace for medium to large enterprises.

Our teams are highly trained multi-skilled individuals,specifically geared to add value to and enhance the brand of a company. Our teams are more than just security guards.To us they’re contributing, productive members, ready to bring value to your company.

C.S.A. Asset Security are based in Melbourne, however they have a range of key high level clients located Australia wide. Central to our philosophy, we have a custom approach when it comes to providing premium security services. Our process is to meet with the client, do a comprehensive scoping of the requirement, understand what your idea of value is, craft an implementation plan, and set a mutually beneficial set of outcomes, so our performance can be tracked and measured over the lifetime of the contract.

We understand your needs are unique and your brand is important, that’s why we’ve taken so much time to refine our process and offer a truly configurable solution to your security needs.       

To learn more on how we can enable your business, contact us.